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Dakar 2023

The 2023 Dakar has finished.

The Dakar is over and this synopsis of the bike (& quad) portion is the best I have seen. If you missed it, this will catch you up. Links to ADVmoto Dual Sport News for the halfway and final reports follows. Congratulations to the winners!

Paris - Dakar first years First Years 1979 - 1997

Sometimes I dream of riding the (old version) of the Dakar, from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal. On a big BMW motorbike! But if the physical demands and navigation seem impossible, keeping the motorcycle running for that distance through unknown terrain is unimaginable to me.

DG Cylinder Porting

Some photographs my friend sent me that might interest other vintage Suzuki PE owners…

From my friend and fellow Suzuki PE owner Mat; "Took the 1982 Suzuki PE engine apart and found the cylinder was ported by DG back in the day. On the other side of the cylinder is SW which were probably the initials of the guy doing the porting.”

It must be so cool to discover that! DG Performance was a started by Dan Hangsleven & Gary Harlow in 1974 which is where the name DG - for Dan & Gary came from.

DG cylinder signature

2022 FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy

Fred Hoess puts USA on top of scratch results

The FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy is an event for vintage bikes and riders as the name implies and pays homage to the International Six Day Enduro upon which it os derived. Definitely cool seeing the old bikes and riders still going fast and competing in a multiday event testing both machine and rider.

Team and individual results follow below along with more video of vintage bikes!

MXoN 2022


The past weekend September 23-25 saw the Motocross of Nations at the Redbud race track in Michigan. It's an international event that takes place once a year and of course it was even more special it was held in the United States this year. There were a lot of expectations from Team USA after a great outdoor MX season particularly between the close fought 450 MX class between Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton which was decided at the last race! Then there was controversy over who should ride the 250 class at the MXoN. With all that I made my predictions for the race.

MXoN Pre-qualifying predictions, Top 6:

  • 1) USA
  • 2) Australia
  • 3) France
  • 4) Netherlands
  • 5) Italy
  • 6) Spain

Calculating the sprocket Gear Ratios

I've borrowed this from Helmut Clasen's Facebook page. Just a simple gear ratio calculator when changing sprockets on the motorcycle. Serves as a reminder what changes causes what result.

One practical example of it's use as described by Helmut:

"On my Zuendapp the standard GS ratio is 14-46 = 3.29 Ratio. But the chain was cutting through my front swingarm. In order to get more clearance I chose a 16 tooth front sprocket. To go back to the proper ratio of 3.29 ( or close to it) I had to increase the back sprocket to 53 = 3.31 which is almost identical."

Helmut is the most knowlegeable Hercules rider/owner/mechanic.

My Image
Download Ratios For Sprocket Combinations

BMW R100 RS / Cycle World

In the early 1980's I owned this nice BMW R100 I bought from a friend. I loved the basic black color of this motorcycle, it was, to me, one of the best classic looking motorcycles along with the Norton Commando I had owned. Of course, I always dreamed of owning the BMW RS100 model in the following story but I was spending most of my time with my dirt bikes so the dream never became a reality. Great story about the RS100 from Cycle World follows.

Off Topic - Website stuff!

The good news, and perhaps only good news for me, from my perspective ... .. My site(s) is now fully "secure" meaning both my main site & blog are HTTPS compliant. I had let it lapse due to the fact that the type of SSL I needed had changed over time. And the expense to renew it.

I have no complaint with my hosting service other than cost. And support, or perceived lack of competent online support. But mostly the cost ...

So the cost of the SSL certificate I needed was %582 more if puchased through my hosting company than through a 3'd party company that I eventually puchased from.

What does that really mean in the end?

No more annoying "this site is insecure" warnings when visiting this website. A lot of effort for little reward!