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Hercules gas tank decal source

|I was lucky that when others were discussing and looking for vintage stickers on Facebook it led to this site that was new to me which had Hercules gas tank decals for my 76' . I had been searching for a source for these for some time. I contacted them and they said their decals were vinyl so I ordered several and hope they are good quality.

One thing that is impossible to print on a standard color laser printer is a white decal with a clear backgound! The Laser Printer uses Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow to produce colors and White is not a choice, White is equal to CLEAR on a laser printer ... So finding these labels means I don't have to cut each out individually from my polyester media.

Direct Link to a page with multiple year/style Hercules Decals

Hercules Gas Tank Decals - Vintage Stickers