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Domino Vintage Dirt Lever Assembly

I like Magura throttle and clutch levers but thought I would order a pair of these Domino Vintage Levers for comparison. Why try different levers? Well, I always seem to need new ones for new projects or just to replace some mismatched pairs I used on a project or ones that I have broken.

They differ from the modern Vintage Magura Levers still available, which have split perches. That allows the lever bodies to be more easily replaced. The Dominoes must be slid over the handlebar ends to install and will need to have the handlebar grips and throttle housing removed for a complete clutch or brake lever replacement - which is how the original Maguras were designed.

There are many cheaper levers available and I have been unable to distinguish the ones that may be better quality from others so I will see how these Domino Levers compare. I also want to have a reliable alternative source for replacements should I need it.