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Reviving a rotary engine motorcycle - from BIKEEXIF

A beautiful update of a motorcycle ahead of it's time, The Hercules Wankel.

I am a fan of all things Hercules/Sachs with my main priority being the Hercules brand since I owned and raced one in the late 70's, my first true competition dirt bike. I thought the Hercules Wankel was the best looking Wankel engine of the time, although the Suzuki R5 was probably the more interesting complete package. This is definitely a spectacular revision but I hope they preserved all of the donors parts should they ever want to return the bike to stock condition. Read more here in BikeExif.

Book - History of Hercules

This is a book only for Hercules Motorcycle fanatics, like myself, especially as it is written in German only. I found it through after first learning of it's existence through a motorcycle FaceBook group of which I am a member. And Leo Keller. Of course it's impossible for me to give a review other than it is a quality book that has many interesting photographs and, with great effort, I may actually struggle to use my 2 years of High School German lessons and try and read the most relevant portions.

The translations that follow were done using Google Document Translate.

Translated from the back cover, a description of the book's origin and purpose.

Past two-wheeler brands retain their good sound, and this also applies to Hercules. Leo Keller is dedicated to the time-honored brand. Because the Nuremberg two-wheeler manufacturers always bought their engines from the Schweinfurt giant Fichtel & Sachs, the engine builders took over Hercules. In the mid-1960s, F&S bought the Zweirad Union, which was formed in 1958 from the DKW, Express and Victoria brands. This extensive documentation describes which brands and models were created in this way and how things continued with the Sachs brand. History, models, technology, sport - finally a complete chronicle of the lost but unforgettable company.

Chapter listings translations. To preview the contents. As best I could!

Page 4 Contents German
Page 4 Contents English
Page 5 Contents German
Page 5 Contents English

Hercules Tail Light

CEV 9241 Tail Light

The correct tail light for the Falk Fenders on the Hercules 7-speed.

I have seen some Hercules motorcycles without the correct tail light, which is understandable as it is easily damaged and then becomes difficult to find the correct replacement. I have used Moto Guzzino since I first needed a tail light for my own Hercules. They supply two identical yet different ones, metal base or plastic, and each uses a different bulb so you have a choice to make as to which one you would prefer.

They also supply just the lens cover and even the correct screws for the lense cover if those are the only parts required.

Hercules Gas Tank Decal Template

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I recently painted a Hercules gas tank, or at least started the process …the tank needs to be clear coated but letting paint dry a long time is never a negative in my mind. That led me to think about future gas tank finishing projects …

ISDE 2019 Vintage Event

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Photo by © Nuno Laranjeira

The 2019 ISDE, sometimes called "the Olympics of motorcycling", was held this year in Portugal. The American teams did extremely well in the premier categories but what is more interesting is that there was an opportunity for vintage bikes to be ridden. Here are some 2019 photos from the FIM website of the bikes and (lucky!) riders.

My 2019 ISDT Reunion Ride

Finger Lakes
Last weekend in the finger lakes region.

This weekend I attended the ISDT Reunion Ride in King Ferry, NY. I invited Mom & Sis for a short vacation, where they could sightsee while I raced. We have stayed in Auburn, NY in past years, which is an interesting town with several nice historical sites to visit. This year for Mom & particularly Sis, we stayed at the Packwood house in Skaneateles NY in a very nice room located in the center of town. It was chosen so they would have more options for dining, walking, and sightseeing while I was out at the event.

Hercules Gas Tank Part 2 - Decals

The Good Side?

Next step in finishing the gas tank was adding the decals, after much procrastination.