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Hercules Tail Light

CEV 9241 Tail Light

The correct tail light for the Falk Fenders on the Hercules 7-speed.

I have seen some Hercules motorcycles without the correct tail light, which is understandable as it is easily damaged and then becomes difficult to find the correct replacement. I have used Moto Guzzino since I first needed a tail light for my own Hercules. They supply two identical yet different ones, metal base or plastic, and each uses a different bulb so you have a choice to make as to which one you would prefer.

They also supply just the lens cover and even the correct screws for the lense cover if those are the only parts required.

Raw Metal Supplies

My dentist, who also has a metal lathe, clued me in to this site as the best place to get metal supplies at a good cost for machining. I need some Öhlin bushings and have difficulty finding them online, so better get on it!

Best source for metal supplies?

Hobby Metal Kits