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BMW R100 RS / Cycle World

In the early 1980's I owned this nice BMW R100 I bought from a friend. I loved the basic black color of this motorcycle, it was, to me, one of the best classic looking motorcycles along with the Norton Commando I had owned. Of course, I always dreamed of owning the BMW RS100 model in the following story but I was spending most of my time with my dirt bikes so the dream never became a reality. Great story about the RS100 from Cycle World follows.

AJS Concept

Eye Candy - Design

Motorcycle Design/Art for your enjoyment

Designer Oberdan Bezzi

A friend posted a link to a motorcycle art/design site on his Facebook page and I thought it well worth sharing. I think I've seen this designer's artwork mentioned on other motorcycle sites but not the whole portfolio. There are many track, street and dirt bikes to view, some being concept bikes.

Not strictly vintage but beautiful motorcycle art anyone can appreciate. I believe that AJS is a concept but I could be mistaken. I almost purchased an AJS from Sport Spot in Haledon NJ back in the 70's but eventually chose another brand I was more familiar with. But I still love the look of that bike!

Click on image above to see more!

Stylmartin Vintage Boots

There are more than a few resources for obtaining vintage plastic or fiberglass reproduction body work for your vintage bikes not to mention other replacement parts if you are lucky, but what about clothing, specifically boots?

Stylmartin Continental "Vintage" Touring Boots

The boots described in this review of Stylmartin Continental Touring Boots are one possibility. They are offered more as a "touring" road-going boot which is reasonable. They are available in the colors black or red(above).

Alpinestar 2020 Supervictory Steel Plate Boots

These are my favorite reproduction enduro/off-road boots. And the one true enduro boot on this list. I own a well worn pair of Alpinestar Supervictory Boots that I mostly use in vintage events and are well worn enough that they should probably be replaced. I had purchased my pair at Metro Racing who no longer appears to sell them but I did find them still available. They are excellent boots that give a lot of feel for the controls. But at the same time, they do not have a lot of the integrated hard plastic that provides the extra protection available on more modern boots. Still, they are the closest boots manufactured today duplicating that old school vintage look and function.

Alerostich Combat Touring Boots

Not really vintage or serious off road boots, but if one were looking for some mild "dual sport" boots, these would work. These boots are the equivalent of 50/50 dual sport motorcycle tires. They look like real off road boots but are really better for touring.

Icon Elsinore2

Cited in the Stylmartin's review and very similar in style. Available in Black or Brown. The most economical of the group.