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Potomac Vintage Rider York Swap Meet 2020

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Traveled to York, Pa for the vintage swap after meeting up with Mat and Kenny in Tom's River, NJ.
Weather was good so there were a lot of attendees, I was glad we arrived at 8AM and left by 10AM.
It's a good swap meet and the timing is perfect in January when everyone is looking for projects/parts, but it also gets so crowded later in the day that it really isn't great for searching for parts, but that is just my opinion.

NESCO Track Day / Pre-77'

NESCO Raceway

Joe B. held a track day for 1977 and older bikes on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Had fun talking about old bikes and then riding them! It was hectic for me but I made it down to the ride with my 1976 Hercules 250GS 7A. I definitely didn't use all 7 speeds ;-)

It looked like everyone had a great time before the arrival of rain, ice, and snow mix weather expected tomorrow Sunday! The road crews were already out prepping the highways.

Continue Reading for photos.

NESCO Open House & Track Day

Me at Joe B's party

At the previous weekends Pre-77 Track Day Joe B. said he had some Hercules parts if I was interested and I said "sure".

I couldn't make the track day (and it was cold BTW) but I got to the party afterwards, had a good time talking bikes & stuff with some friends there, and the bonus was picking up the parts.

It was a pretty good pickup as there was a complete motor with kickstarter(!), a new looking piston & rings, a set of Ceriani forks, a set of wheels, and 2 boxes of parts with the small parts being pretty well organized in baggies. I didn't realize there was an extra kickstarter in the parts until I got home and finally got a chance to investigate.

Drying out some of the parts and lots of cleanup ahead but a pretty good day!
Photos follow.


ISDE 2019 Vintage Event

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Photo by © Nuno Laranjeira

The 2019 ISDE, sometimes called "the Olympics of motorcycling", was held this year in Portugal. The American teams did extremely well in the premier categories but what is more interesting is that there was an opportunity for vintage bikes to be ridden. Here are some 2019 photos from the FIM website of the bikes and (lucky!) riders.

Casual Saturday at NESCO

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Morning at the vintage MX track

My friend Dave called and told me Joe was opening the track and just a few people would be coming and it would be a good relaxed atmosphere for riding and testing. I brought the Hercules to try and figure out why I was having problems at the last cross country event, particularly my problem with gear shifts.

My 2019 ISDT Reunion Ride

Finger Lakes
Last weekend in the finger lakes region.

This weekend I attended the ISDT Reunion Ride in King Ferry, NY. I invited Mom & Sis for a short vacation, where they could sightsee while I raced. We have stayed in Auburn, NY in past years, which is an interesting town with several nice historical sites to visit. This year for Mom & particularly Sis, we stayed at the Packwood house in Skaneateles NY in a very nice room located in the center of town. It was chosen so they would have more options for dining, walking, and sightseeing while I was out at the event.

York Swap Meet

Met some friends but otherwise it was not successful. Left with 2 vintage magazines and a Vee Rubber 21" front tire (intermediate). Never used one before but the price was right, $45.