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Solid advice from The YouTube Dirt Bike Channel

In general, in my opinion, this is probably the best advice just because it is so simple to understand. Adding or modifying the parts on motorcycles is not the answer to better performance. It is the rider's experience and "fitness" that matters more, at least until you reach the expert level. For the everyday rider, getting the most out of your motorcycle in it's stock condition will probably teach you more than making expensive changes before you need them.

Of course it is fun changing parts on our motorcycles, but I would bet 50% of those changes aren't actual improvements and can sometimes lead to disappointment.

While I agree with the video, it is targeted at modern bikes. The one exception to that advice I would make for vintage bikes would be new or better shocks. Much as new tires will be the one purchase that will make the most difference for any motorcycle, when a bike is 25 years old, 30 years old, or more, the best shock you can afford will make the biggest difference, it's rare that an old motorcycle will perform it's best with the original shocks.

Lectron vs Smart Carb Review

A brief comparison of two more modern carburetors

If you are interested in replacing your Bing or Mikuni carburetor with a different style, this is a review that might help with your decision. Not strictly vintage , but could be considered a performance modification for your vintage bike. The real benefit should be increased fuel range on a tank of gas. I have used Lectrons in the past and have one mounted on the Penton 400.

Links to websites below.

Not So Easy

A public safety film narrated by Peter Fonda with special guest Evel Knievel who provide safety tips and guidance for motorcycle riders. Features performance riding by the Los Angeles Police Department. (OPP Museum accession number 2012.51.5)

Classic Isle of Man TT Onboard

I had a Norton Commando when I was younger, and while every street motorcyclist may dream of riding at the Isle of Mann, even in my wildest dreams I could not imagine these speeds on these roads. It is the most dangerous motorcycle race and the racers are simply awesome!

And this bike, a Suzuki RG500, is definitely, totally, awesome!

Turn the speakers up and watch and listen to Danny Webb circulate the Isle of Man TT course at this year's Classic TT aboard his Team Classic Suzuki RG500!

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Then watch the TT3D Closer to the Edge (The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy) documentary which also follows.

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NJ Rock Stars and Racers

An article from Pulp MX about an old blog post in Racer X Online ...

Perfect reading for these times. Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and NJ MX. Got your attention? Read on.