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Off Topic - Website stuff!

The good news, and perhaps only good news for me, from my perspective ... .. My site(s) is now fully "secure" meaning both my main site & blog are HTTPS compliant. I had let it lapse due to the fact that the type of SSL I needed had changed over time. And the expense to renew it.

I have no complaint with my hosting service other than cost. And support, or perceived lack of competent online support. But mostly the cost ...

So the cost of the SSL certificate I needed was %582 more if puchased through my hosting company than through a 3'd party company that I eventually puchased from.

What does that really mean in the end?

No more annoying "this site is insecure" warnings when visiting this website. A lot of effort for little reward!

Links for Resources Added

Finally compiled and posted a links page of useful resources. Not all links are vintage only, because not all supplies need be vintage.
The Links page can be found under the Collections Menu. The piston suppliers, sprocket suppliers, and reproduction rubber parts and decals, might be some of the most useful for vintage motorcycles and of course the plastics.
But if you ever needed to know the specifications of chains or tires those links will be helpful since sometimes the chain width for identical sized chains from different manufacturers might vary and that can sometimes make a difference in use, for example.
And the Sudco Catalog is a good source for most carburetor parts.

Blog Update to Poster 2


Posts with "Read More" are not currently working, trying to resolve .

The blogging software I use was updated and quite different from the previous version and was not likely to be supported in the future, so, it was update now or wait and be forced to update later... After a little hesitancy I have completed the changeover although with no obvious change in appearance. The list of improvements none of which make a difference to me at the moment but may in the future.

And because I republished all files, subscribers to the RSS feed may have received notifications for every past blog post. Sorry, I suspected that would happen and did not know how to avoid it, and am worried that it might happen again since I will need to still do some cleanup. Accept my apologies in advance!