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MXoN 2022

About the MXoN

The FIM Motocross of Nations (MXoN), originally called the Motocross des Nations (MXdN), was renamed in 2003 when Youthstream was awarded promotional rights to the World Motocross Grand Prix. Started in 1947 and now in its 75th year, MXoN brings motocross riders from across the world to represent their country by competing in teams of MXGP, MX2 and Open classifications.

The Ballot

It was no small feat to win the MXoN with the pressure on the riders and the unpredictable weather which can be a disadvantage for the event favorite. The USA always sends good teams but so much of the race depends on a good start which also helps avoiding problems.

This year the Americans did a great job qualifying first following the Ballot Drawing for the qualifying race to determine the gate pick position for the main race. This is the first hurdle to overcome. Luckily they did not draw a terrible starting gate position.

Saturday Qualifying

A great job by all with weather conditions near perfect. Team USA qualified first which may have been expected but certainly not guaranteed.

Sunday's Finals

John Tomac really delivered under pressure to get the start and win the MXGP + MX2 race. Then in the following MX2 + Open race Justin Cooper delivered after almost being taken out by Hunter Lawrence of Australia! This was probably the deciding placing and critical moment of the MXoN for Team USA. Justin Cooper was considered the weak link of the team and not only did he prove otherwise but navigating the incident without crashing was certainly the key to the favorites delivering on their promise to win!

Race 3 Open + MXGP

The final race to seal the win.

An amazing weekend for John Tomac, Chase Sexton and Justin Cooper!